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Beach Properties

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Shore to Shore

Lake Lanier GA and AL Gulf Coast Real Estate News

December, 20, 2009

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The Team World: December activity strong

The Team World: December activity strong

Special Report: Are you prepared for survival?

Featured Article: Focus on investments you control

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The Team world

The Team is seeing more buyer activity.  It seems that the Alabama Gulf Coast vacation market locked up much sooner than the Atlanta metro area and also is coming out of that lockup a little sooner.  More than likely this is the difference in buyer behaviors for primary homes versus vacation / second home buyers.…
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Life on the Beach!

Beach properties

The Santa Cruz ocean view real estate market is still one of interest for much the same reasons that Orange Beach real estate is.

It is the soothing and calming effect that the ocean has on our souls, especially in these turbulent times. While the Orange Beach ocean view real estate market is quite a bit different from the Santa Cruz or Rio Del Mar ocean view real estate market, they share a commonality of being more affordable than they have been in years.

Affordability of Beach property:

On the Beach in Alabama

While the higher end is still expensive the asking prices have come down and there is more available to choose from. This leads to better discounts for those looking to buy. The better supply on the lower

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