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To understand the effects of mortgage rates, we have to first understand how they work.  Mortgage rates are based off of Mortgage Backed Securities. 

Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) are basically investments in mortgage loans.  MBS’s represent mortgage bonds and are made up of pools of mortgages.  MBS’s are traded just like stocks and their value fluctuates on a daily basis.  Rates are constantly changing just like stocks.  Throughout a trading day, rates are changing up and down.

In January of 2009 The Federal Reserve announced that they would buy up $500 billion dollars in Mortgage Backed Securities. 

This would drive mortgages rates down, which it did.  Then in March of 2009 The Fed realized that they will need to keep rates low, much longer, so

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Why should you get pre-approved for a mortgage? 

Get preapproved for a loan in GAGetting a pre-approval letter gives you substantial leverage. 

Sellers immediately see you as a serious buyer.  Not only will you know the exact price range you can afford, you'll be able to negotiate a better deal and move faster when you see a house you like.   You'll need to supply information to verify your income, credit history, debts and assets. Lender’s will then issue a letter stating that your mortgage is pre-approved for a certain dollar amount. This will also make the job of your realtor easier. That way they won't show you homes that are out of your comfort zone.  

Different lenders have different versions of what a pre-approval means. 

Pre-approval can mean as little as we

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A Primer on Government Mortgage Programs

Government mortgage programs are often overlooked by both home buyers and mortgage professionals because of the stigma of having too much red tape. Today this sentiment is fading because other financing options are drying up and home buyers are part of an enevitable "flight to quality." Below is a short primer on each type of the governemts there most popular loan types--USDA, FHA, and VA mortgages.

FHA Loan Program

Federal Housing Administration Loans, commonly called an FHA Mortgage, are geared toward middle income and first time home buyers. FHA loans are made my normal mortgage lenders but given a favorable guarantee from the FHA so the lender gets paid back a portion of the loan amount should the

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